November 03, 2010

Drop Cloths and Burlap

I needed to do something about our sliding door. It is gignormous! You cannot just throw some drapes on and call it a day. I had headaches around this for a long time.  Whatever I do, The Husband must like it as well. I know I like billowy style and then I saw a lot of tutorials about drop cloths curtains. Yes, drop cloths from the paint department in Home Depot and Lowes! It is super affordable for the amount of fabric you get. I believe they are 9' x 11' or 13'.  Huge. Perfect for me.

So I got two cloths and got to work. I also purchased a double curtain rod and the white mesh drapes. I had a decorative draping rope of black, brown and tan stripes that luckily matches everything perfectly.  I used strings to make the 4 ties, and wrapped the rope around it. Seriously, it was meant to be.

The result:

Love! No sewing, no cutting, no pinning, no needles, no glue, no tape. Wow. =)
Moving on to burlap. There was a burlap sack craze last year! I wanted to do something with burlap and decided this fake plant needed some help. You see, I stuck this plant into the beautiful planter but the plant was too short. So I added some boxes inside and gave it some height.  But everything was exposed. So I added crumpled up newspapers around it, and glued (spray adhesive!) fake moss around it. It was great, until Boo got too curious.  She started pulling the moss out and it was a mess. I needed a solution, ASAP.

This is what I came up with:

I was at Lowe's or Orchard Supply, I forgot, sorry. And saw a big burlap sack for ~$4.  An idea came into my head, and so I got it and took it home.  I immediately started wrapping and stuffing the burlap into the sides of the planter, to make it look like it the plant inside was "bagged". Then I tied the opening with rope around the base of the plant. I think I like it!:

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