November 12, 2010

Sugar Cookie Attempt

I have always wanted to make sugar cookies and then decorate with icing. Icing was quite an experience! Of course I didn't just do just plain white royal icing but dove right into 4 different colors, and attempted to design way beyond my nonexistent skill level.  Getting the right consistency took a lot of time, because I didn't know what I was doing.

The cookies honestly just took minutes to make. It was so easy and simple that I really thought I did something wrong, but they turned out perfect.  For the cookie recipe and tips, I found this website to be extremely helpful and followed it exactly.

The baked cookies (pumpkins and cats):

The circles are for spiderwebs, and the ice creams are just because I thought they were cute:

With icing:

I was trying to make waffle cone lines on the ice creams with "chocolate" sprinkles.  I tried to do some highlights and shadows with the brown and white on the pumpkins.  One pumpkin looks like a pineapple, haha.  The spiderwebs I did when all the icing was still wet - pipe rings in different colors and run a toothpick through to make the lines.

I want to make and practice more but can't eat them all! I also want these cookie pens by Foodooler.  They are pens with edible ink so you can just draw right on the iced cookie.  Wouldn't it be even cuter if the cookies said "Boo!" or something? =)

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