January 17, 2011

Bath Fizzies Semi-Fail

I had this grand idea to make bath fizzies/bombs. You know, the ones you throw into a bath and they are supposed to fizz.  Ones that I thought would be fun for a toddler to experience. Ones that sell at Lush for $5 each.

Google provided me plenty of recipes and most called for a powder form of citrus acid, which I don't have. But I saw some recipes that stated it could be substituted with lemon juice and/or cream of tartar. Perfect, because I conveniently have both ingredients. And they will work!


My concoction was great, until I tested it. NO fizz! Darn. It sure fizzed when I mixed the lemon juice in, but in a glass of water, it just slowly...melted. I think I've made some Bath Melts instead of Bath Fizzies.

So here is the 1st batch, and should feel like wet sand. It is SO white...looks like something illegal is going on here, but I swear it's baking soda:

Packed into heart silicone mold (found at the Target's Dollar Spot):

After drying for 24 - 48 hours, they harden and I carefully popped them out.  I was so excited:

For the 2nd batch, I added some cream of tartar and some coconut oil. And I shaped them into little balls with measuring spoons. I scooped generous amount of the mix on each spoon:

Then press them together, dusting off the excess:

Then I released the top spoon and carefully rolled it onto a paper towel to dry:

They look cute, right?

FAIL! =(

 Where's the fizz? I might as well pick up some alka seltzer next time, haha!

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