February 01, 2011

Fortune Cookie Valentines


Felt or Fleece
Scissors (regular, fabric, and optional pinking shears)
Printer paper
Chenille stems
Margarita glass or a circle template around 4.25" diameter

With Chinese New Year in a few days, and Valentine's Day around the corner, this is a cute way to incorporate both events together. I was at the Dollar Tree looking for some craft felt sheets. Then I saw these "baby blankets" made of some material blend that feels like felt/fleece. Hhmmm, yes! They are perfect for our Fortune Cookie Valentines. They come in a range of colors from yellow to blue to purple. But because it is for Valentine's Day, I got one red and one pink blanket. Notice these are two different kinds; the pink one has scalloped edges. Both material will work great and won't unravel:

I also picked up a pack of these chenille stems at the Dollar Tree:

With a margarita glass or anything you find with a 4.25" diameter, trace it on the felt/fleece with a pen, and cut out with fabric scissors.  Try to cut on the inside part of the line so the circle will have minimal pen marks:

The circle does not have to be perfect. Fold it in half and trim so it's even to a near semi-circle shape with either fabric scissors or pinking shears:

Pinking shears make zig zag cuts: 
Unfold the semi-circle and with regular scissors, cut the chenille stem to about 4". It should be a little shorter than the width of the circle. Glue it down in the middle of the circle. You can use tacky glue or hot glue, but I found both too messy, so I used permanent fabric glue. Lay a strip of 4" x 0.5" printer paper above the chenille stem (don't forget to write a sweet fortune/note on the paper!):

The glue I used:

Cutting strips of paper - you can use regular scissors but I have a paper trimmer. The easiest way is to cut the printer paper down the middle on the longer side, then cut out the 0.5" strips from the shorter side:

With the chenille stem glued and dried, and the paper strip with a sweet Valentine's note above it, fold the circle in half:

Then bring both ends in the middle and fold like this:

Then fold the top down like this:

Ta-da, you're done! This is what the pinking shear'ed fortune cookie looks like:

Here are the reds and pinks:

All in a bowl:

Happy Chinese New Year, and have the sweetest Valentine's Day!


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