December 10, 2011

Magazine Christmas Tree

I {heart} Martha Stewart.
I had seen online at their Holiday Craft Sale, and they were selling them between $10 to $30 per tree.

Let's get started!
Get an old magazine, I believe this is Glamour. Bend the binding back and forth so it won't be so stiff.  Then taking one page at a time, fold the top right corner down like so:

Then fold the page down again like so:

and you will get something like this:

At the bottom of the "tree", fold the tip up:

And tuck it inside the flap:

Make sure it's flush and straight:

And done!

To glam it up, I used spray paint and glitter:
Martha Stewart glitter in Smoky Quartz
Modern Metals in Lumina Gold (which I do not recommend and will tell you below)
Krylon in Chrome
Krylon Spray Glue

A makeshift spray booth with a cardboard box and a lazy susan I wrapped with paper:

The reason why I got the Modern Metal Lumina Gold was because Michael's ran out of the Kyrlon, which I do recommend. Modern Metal did not cover as well as Krylon, especially at the bottom of the tree, even after 2 or 3 coats. 

Then I gave it a coat of spray glue, and sprinkled on the glitter:

But the top looks nice:

The Chrome tree:

Good luck!

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